Our business is based on relationships.  The most important relationship that we can offer is the one between you and the guy building your board.  This is our difference.  We include you in the design team where your specific surfing needs are discussed with subtle variations made to ensure that you get the best performance from your board, regardless of which B it is.

We have a B for all sizes.

Let's start with our favourite B.  This B is for "Big Boys Boards".

These boards are specifically designed for the larger framed or heavier surfer who still wants to surf a smaller style, performance board.  These boards offer 20% more floatation using epoxy board technology.

Keep in mind that the Big Boys Boards are custom made in all styles, shortboards, fish mals etc., so drop in or pick up the phone for a chat to discuss what we can do for you.

Our next B is easy on the eyes.  this B is for "Beach Babes Boards".

Our Beach Babe range  are boards designed especially for women surfers.  We focus on getting the length, width and buoyancy right so that the focus can be solely on surfing and becoming the best surfer you can be.  This range is easy to the eye because we spend extra time to discuss graphics and colour schemes so that these beauties are the queen of the waves and the talk of the beach.

Our final B is where it all started with "Boxheads Surfboards".  Boxhead was named after the local break and has proven itself to be a brand known for great boards proven by its popularity repeat purchases by local surfers over decades. We specialise in custom made boards.  If you want a board that is the perfect match for you, visit our shop in Ettalong for a free of obligation consultation.



We are the major sponsors of the Ocean Beach Malibu Club, supporting both  men and women surfers.  This is a super friendly, super professional group.

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The boardriders are close to our heart given Corey's involvement in the foundation of the group in the early days. Hardcore surf club, open to all standards.

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 If you have always wanted to learn to surf or you want to take your surfing to the next level join our coaching classes or be part of our academy and learn how to turn your surfing into a lifestyle.  Book in for an hour class or a 3 month course.  Call us now for the best advice and prices to learn how to live the dream.



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