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We offer one of the best loyalty programs in the world. That is a big statement, so how could it be true?

We probably sound a bit smarter and a bit bigger than we really are.  The truth of the matter is that we have joined tens of thousands of small to medium sized businesses in 46 countries around the world to offer great cashback and points deals.  It is a bit like the major supermarkets fly buys program. But ours offers real cash in your bank every time that you make a purchase from a participating business.

Before I joined as an affiliated business, I was a shopper using the same membership that you are being offered now.  In about a year I had received enough cashback to register my car.  Your next wetsuit, board or holiday could be free or greatly reduced just by using this loyalty program.

You don't need to change the places that you shop, just the way you shop.  This program is free for shoppers and it always will be.  Please accept your membership as a gift from us.

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